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Multifunctional Anti-Angiogenic Antibody Therapeutics

Synergys Biotherapeutics is a privately held antibody therapeutics company. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Synergys is pioneering the development of combined vasculogenic mimicry-blocking and anti-angiogenic antibody therapeutics primarily for various solid cancers. Some of the current product candidates could be of utility for ocular and other angiogenesis-related diseases of significant unmet medical needs as well. The Company focuses on in-licensing early stage candidates from external sources for in-house development and for eventual collaboration and partnering with larger organizations for late-stage product development and commercialization.



Synergys is developing first-in-class  antibody fusion biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer by targeting multiple pathways of tumor neovascularization network. The Company's primary focus is to be a leader in developing vasculogenic mimicry-blocking  antibody therapeutics for cancer and other diseases of unmet medical needs. Recent evidences suggest that in addition to angiogenesis, i.e., the development of new vasculature from pre-existing blood vessels, tumor vasculature may also be assembled through the formation and lining of vascular channels by tumor cells themselves, a process termed ‘vasculogenic mimicry’ (VM) (“Tumor’s DIY Blood Vessels”, Science 352: 1381-1383, 2016). VM is a property shared by many tumors which also correlates with tumor aggressiveness, metastasis and resistance to therapy, and may explain the cause for the limited efficacy and tumor resistance of the currently used anti-angiogenic drugs such as bevacizumab. Although marketed anti-angiogenic therapeutics generate multibillion US dollars in annual revenue, no drugs are yet available as either for inhibition of VM or for combined inhibition of angiogenesis and VM. Synergys is developing antibody fusion molecules that are both excellent antiangiogenic as well as profound inhibitor of vasculogenic mimicry functionality. They are expected to be first-in-class biotherapeutics, which would be used as monotherapy or in combination with currently marketed anti-angiogenic drugs or chemotherapeutic agents.


Selected Company News regarding VM Inhibition

October 10, 2022

SYNERGYS Receives Third NIH SBIR Grant from  National Cancer Institute. Fast-Track Grant will support ongoing preclinical development of a Vasculogenic Mimicry-blocking Antibody Fusion therapeutic for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

November 1, 2021

Synergys announces publication of research results in the international journal CELLS, titled, “Inhibition of Vasculogenic Mimicry and Angiogenesis by an Anti-EGFR IgG1-Human Endostatin-P125A Fusion Protein Reduces Triple Negative Breast Cancer Metastases”.


July 1, 2019

Synergys announces second Phase 1 SBIR funding from NIH for development of vasculogenic mimicry-blocking Antibody Fusion products for Ovarian Cancer.


September 26, 2017

SYNERGYS Announces Phase 1 SBIR Grant Award From National Institutes of Health. Grant from NIH's National Cancer Institute will support development of Vasculogenic Mimicry-blocking Antibody Fusion products for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Contact Information

Synergys Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Rathin C. Das, Ph.D, MBA

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 925-575-0181​
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